Cloud Miner

Mining Pool Strategy Setup Manual

1. Under My Miners or Profile Operation page, select my pools and click the Add button in the upper right corner.

2. Select the algorithm you want to mine, after selecting the mining pool, you need to fill in the corresponding port of the mining pool.

3. After the setting is completed, when you mining the coin again, you can select this mining pool.

4. As shown in the picture below, the setting is successful.

How to Manage Your cloud miner

1. Login

Click My Miner→Manage miner

2. Add Miner Strategy

3. Input miner strategy info→ok→Create strategy

How to host your machine

After purchasing Blackminer F1, you can host max. 1 year. You have the right to suspend the hosting at any time, and the machine can be sent to the designated location at any time.

You can manage your miner directly on our website (\_miners) by yourself. The hosting steps are as follows:

  1. Configure your miner on our website, such as choosing algorithm and the mining pool.
  2. If there are too many people using their miners, you can choose to manage your miner in groups.


  • The hosting fee is $0.1 kw/h, including electricity fee and maintenance fee.
  • The electricity fee is charged at UTC 08:00 daily and deducted from the user balance.
  • If the user has insufficient balance to pay for the electricity bill, the system will pay through the user credit limit.
  • The user credit limit is 10 days of electricity fee.
  • If the user's credit limit has been used up, the miners will be paused to run.

See more information about warranty & after-sales service, please click the link (