How others evaluate Blackminer F1

There are several third-party technical reviews about the performance, price, pros and cons of Blackminer F1. If you are interested in these reviews and want to know more details about our machine, you can click the links below.

How to get rebate

You can get the coupon by using an invitation code. Both the inviter who has bought our mining machine and the invitee can get the coupon. The specific rebate rules may change, please refer to the official website.

How to apply for a trial mining

Because the amount of trial machines per day is limited and we need to ensure that more users can experience our machines and services, we require that each account can only be applied once. The application steps are as follows:

  1. Register an account on the official website (
  2. Apply trial machine on the “TrialMiner” section
  3. Place one order and set up the miner


  • After the application is confirmed, the time is automatically calculated, and the trial time is one hour per account
  • If the trial miners are out of stock, your trial will be in the waiting list
  • Each account can only try once a day, but each account can try different algorithms the next days
  • If you need to apply for a second trial, please contact the us