Upgrade Bits

1. Upgrade image

1.1 input the url(http://your miner ip) into explorer

1.2 input username(root) and psswd(root)

1.3 choose “system”->”upgrade”

Choose the image after you click browse button, indicated by red frame above.

Click Flash image

Waiting until miner reboot

2. Select algorithm

2.1 choose Miner Configuration

2.2 input the pool address in URL

2.3 input wallet address in Worker

2.4 input password in Password if necessary

2.5 click apply button “Save\&Apply”

2.6 Check Miner Status

3. Adjust the frequency

choose Miner Configuration->Advanced Settings

choose the frequency

click Save\&Apply button

4. Configure IP

4.1 For miner management in farm, static IP is easy to manage. F1 miner could be configured with static IP

4.2 choose Network->Setting

4.3 click Save\&Apply

5. How to remove existed bit file if storage is full

Due to the limitation of the storage, we could not copy all bit file into the miner. So if the storage is full, need to remove existed bit file when update image.

a. extract the compressed image file, like upgrade_altcoin_F1_0xbtc.gz.tar

b. open runme.sh

c. add below commands:

rm –rf /fpgabit/deleteFile.conf

rm –rf /fpgabit/deleteFile.bit

d. re-create upgrade_altcoin_F1_0xbtc.gz.tar

If you only have windows, you could do it by winscp:

a.download and install winscp (winscp download link: https://winscp.net/eng/download.php )

b.connect to the miner by winscp

  1. choose the protocol: SCP
  2. input the ip of the miner
  3. username: root password: root
  4. click login1111.png
  5. browse into the path: /fpagbit
  6. delete the algorithm which you want to delete, take 0xbtc as an example delete cgminer_0xbtc.confg and fpgaminer_top_0xbtc.bit