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How to ship your machine

If you choose to ship your miner to you, we will ship it out within 7 days after payment.

We ship by UPS. Shipping cost and shipping time automatically generated after ordering depend on your designated address.

If you want to know more details about tariff rules, you can refer to the customs import policy of your country or consult us directly

How to purchase Blackminer F1

Before purchasing our product, you must decide whether to host the machine or ship out to you. There are 3 options for you to choose one:

  1. You can request to send the mining machine to your designated address after payment.
  2. You can choose to host the machine in Blackmimer official data center. The machines are managed and maintained by professionals.
  3. You can suspend the hosting at any time, and the machine can be sent to the designated location at any time.


  • No refund or return after payment, regardless of whether it is shipped or hosted
  • We suggest all customers pay with BTC or GUSD. US dollars or Chinese Yuan are also accepted.
  • The price of a single machine is $2500, excluding shipping and hosting fee

Click the link ( and follow the purchase instructions on our official website (